What Is Manifestation?

So you’ve been looking at Manifestation Miracle and my review of it? Before you decide on the product, it’s probably important that you understand what manifesting/manifestation is.

There are a few basic tenets of manifesting. Although I could write them all out in long-form article format, I’ve found some handy YouTube videos that will be able to help you.


This short video can help you to better understand the concept of manifestation. Give it a watch and open your mind to the amazing possibilities inside.
Here is another useful one that talks more to the science of manifestation:
And finally, if you’ve got some spare time (almost two hours) then you won’t want to miss this guide on becoming a manifestation powerhouse.

By James Frankton

I am a self-help/motivation expert who focuses on teaching people how to overcome procrastination, achieve perfect time management, and get more done with their lives. I'm currently working on launching an exciting new personal development website. When I'm not thinking of creative ways of improving my mind, I can probably be found at the pool or working out at the gym.

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